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how it all started...

I always had a passion and love for flowers, art, clothing, interior...materials, colors, shapes, combinations of

the perfect imperfect

pure & natural, handlebars & style, old & new

but also stuff and things with a story, attention, tradition & craftsmanship

have always attracted my interest and attention

After 17 years of successfully running my own flower shop with naturally beautiful flowers, plants and a nice choice of unique interior accessories & old furniture, I decided to also start a webshop with clothing and so the new adventure began with my favorite brand Ewa i Walla, which I already loved. for about 16 years in my clothing style and life. At the end of 2021, I closed one of my love's flower shops and for love I moved to the Netherlands with my husband. The webshop has of course been moved and we are now starting again.

This is how my Loods No.2 was created, where I offer a beautiful choice of clothing accessories and interior with passion and love. Under the name Loods No.2, where I was online for the first few years, it has now been given a new look and a new name has been added and we will continue to operate the FarmhuisLoods under the name SanDahlia.

It's more than just things... it's a lifestyle that allows you to express who you are and create your own unique look and of course enjoy your new most beautiful acquisitions.

I wish you a lot of fun browsing around in my online warehouse and hope that you can enjoy it as much as I do and always remember that anything is possible as long as you like it...... I always say

,,be yourself no one else can be that for you,,

love Sandra